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See me performing at Glen Carbon's Centennial Library, which is ranked as one of the top small libraries in the US. Architecturally, the most interesting library I have ever seen.


Below is a link to a newspaper article that was published in the St. Louis Suburban Journal about the show in Columbia, Illinois


Shows listed below are open to the public unless otherwise indicated


  • March 20th  7pm  Godfrey Knights of Columbus, Godfrey, IL


  • June 2nd Ivy Chapel Chesterfield (private)
  • June 6th   2pm  Tesson Ferry Branch  of St. Louis County Library
  • June 7th  10:15 am   Henderson Elementary Vacation Station (private)
  • June 11th 10:30 am East Alton Public Library, East Alton, IL
  • June 11th  2pm Thornhill Branch of St. Louis County Library
  • June 12th 10am Hayner Public Library, Alton, IL
  • June 14th 4:00pm Missouri Scholars Program, University of Missouri (private)
  • June 17th 10:00am Goddard School (private)
  • June 19th 11am  Columbia Public Library, Columbia, IL
  • June 20th 9:00 am  Zion Lutheran Church (private)
  • June 24th 10:00am Goddard School, Chesterfield, MO (private)
  • June 25th 11:00 am Grace Community Chapel (private)
  • June 26th 10:30 am Kirkwood Public Library, Kirkwood, MO
  • June 27th 2:00 pm Scott Air Force Base (private)


  • July 2nd 10:30 am Masoutah Public Library
  • July 3rd 1:30 pm  Meramac Valley Branch of St. Louis County Library
  • July 8th 1:15 pm  Brentwood Retirement Center (private)
  • July 9th 2pm Samuel Sacks Branch of St. Louis County Library
  • July 10th Goddard School, Rock Hill, MO (private)
  • July 10th 1pm  Edwardsville Public Library, Edwardsville, MO
  • July 11th  2pm Prairie Commons Branch of St. Louis County Library
  • July 12th 9:30 am The Elegant Child, Wildwood (private)
  • July 17th 10am Goddard School, Fenton, MO (private)
  • July 17th  2pm Oak Bend Branch of St. Louis Public Library
  • July 18th  10am Goddard School, St Charles, Mo (private)
  • July 25th 10:30 am DeSoto Public Library
  • July 29th 3pm Windsor Branch of Jefferson County Library

August 2009 at the McClay Branch Library in St. Charles County Missouri. I love performing at schools and libraries and sharing my passion for yo-yos with kids.

Some of my youngest but biggest fans, Emily, Anthony and Hannah at a library performance this summer