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I have performed for people of all ages.. from toddlers to senior citizens. They all seem to enjoy it. Kids (and their parents) ask a lot of great questions.

       This year I am offering two different types of shows as listed below:

YOYO-OLOGY- I talk about the history of yoyos, the physics of yo yos, the various styles of competitive yoyoing, and what a competition is really like.I also talk about how I design and modify yoyos for competitions.  I give demonstrations of all categories of competitive yoyoing. All demonstrations are done to music which I customize for the audience (always family friendly). I show the crowd my extensive collection of yoyos (hundreds). I then open it up for Q & A. Lastly, I help as the audience members try their hand at yoyoing. Target audience: all age groups love this show

ADVANCED YOYO-OLOGY  -This show focuses on the science of yoyoing. It is a more hands on show designed for smaller groups. I discuss and demonstrate the principles of gravity, potential energy, kinetic energy, rotation, friction, and resistance. Target audience is school age kids-grade 6 and above

       That can be customized for the audience but typically they last 45 minutes to 1 hour....depending on the age of the audience and the number of questions people have. Usually there are lots of questions from both kids and adults.

      Naturally the larger the room the better. I will bring my own sound system if the room is large and crowed. When performing for kids I put down a bright yellow tape on the floor so they will maintain a safe distance. Also a tall ceiling is extremely helpful ...minimum of 8 feet.  

 For shows in  St. Louis, St. Charles, Lincoln, Jefferson and Warren Counties,  I charge $195.00.

I do some free shows for legitimate charitable organizations as my schedule allows. I have done shows for St. Louis Autism Walk, Habitat for Humanity, Friends of Kids With Cancer and The Rett Syndrome Walk. For some organizations like senior organizations and church groups,  I "pass the hat" and that money goes for my church's on-going mission in Uganda, Africa. 

 Performing at the Christmas party of Friends of Kids with Cancer at St. John's Hospital