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Happy about my 9th place medal at the World Yo Yo Contest in Orlando in 2009

Taking 2nd place at the National YoYo Contest for Off-String in 2009.

Performing for the judges during my preliminary routine at the World Yo Yo Contest 2009 

Performing in the rain at the US Nationals in Chico, California October of 2008

Going to the World Yo Yo Contest is a truly multi-cultural experience

Takashie and me after I won the Missouri    States in 2007 

 This is the image that appears in the Sports Illustrated for Kids book entitiled IN YOUR FACE 3-D:The best 3-D book ever! by David E Klutho. Dave is a seasoned SI photographer with many covers to his credit. The book is now available thru Scholastic Publishing (school bookfairs) in a paperback version. This picture was taken when I was about 14.