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Hi My name is Ian Cole. I am a 21-year old yo yo player. I am currently in the Masters of Architecture Program at Kansas State University. In my off-time I am a professional yoyo performer. I started yoyoing at around age 13 after watching someone performing on TV. Before long, I was hooked on yoyos. Through performing,  I love to share my passion for yoyoing with others.

Because it was National Yoyo Day I was asked to perform on a local TV station. What a fun time! Check it out. http://fox2now.com/?s=ian+cole+yoyo+kid&search_submit=

I travel around my home state of Missouri and around the country yoyoing for crowds of all types and sizes. I have performed in the following states: Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Maryland, Delaware, Wisconsin, Florida, California and Hawaii.

 I  perform in many different venues:

  • scout troops
  • schools
  • libraries
  • orphanages
  • shopping malls
  • nursing homes
  • church events
  • youth meetings
  • birthday parties
  • The City Museum in St. Louis

                  AS SEEN IN:

  • Bound, a  YoYo Documentary- a documentary about competitive yoyoing
  • Fox Sports "Best Damn Sports Show Ever"
  • In Your Face 3-D: The Best 3-D Book Ever!  published by Sports Illustrated(October2008)
  • Show Me St. Louis TV show
  • The St. Louis Post Dispatch newspaper
  • St. Louis Suburban Journal newpapers
  • Cover of Stereoscopy Magazine (for 3-D photographers)
  • St. Louis Magazine
  • 94 South Life, a community newsletter. June 2008
  • KPLR  Sports- Channel 12 St. Louis

One of the most frequently asked questions during performances is....where do you get your yoyos? The answer is, I get them entirely on-line. I recommend YoyoPlay.com. They give on-line assistance to all players from beginner to expert. Plus they ship the same day.